• I started training with Nicky in the months leading up to my wedding. I was having trouble reaching my goals on my own and was beginning to feel a bit frustrated in the gym. I was looking for someone to help me refocus, so I could maximize the 8 weeks I had before my wedding day. Nicky did exactly that! From our first conversation, I knew I was in good hands. She helped me set more targeted, manageable goals for myself. She asked me thoughtful questions, like “what does your wedding dress look like?” to determine which areas we should focus on the most - something that seems so straightforward, but which I completely overlooked myself. From there, she created a program for me that I found challenging, but motivating. I was excited to go to the gym again, which was an awesome feeling. I really looked forward to my sessions with Nicky each week, because I felt like she knew exactly how to push me. She helped me tackle exercises and gym equipment, which I had previously been afraid to try. I felt myself getting stronger, and also more and more confident in the gym each week. Nicky was an amazingly supportive PT on the gym floor, but she was emotionally supportive as well. I was very anxious in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and she was always there to listen and give me some advice on how to manage the stress I was feeling. All in all, I couldn’t speak more highly of my training experience with Nicky. She is such a delight to work with - positive and inspiring! And on my wedding day, I had friends and family coming up to me to tell me how amazing my arms and back looked in my dress…quite the success! 🙂
  • I trained with Nicky for just under a year in Dubai and would have 100% continued had she not returned to the UK. I had recently recovered from a break in my hand, wrist and arm and was looking for a personal trainer to guide me in the correct recovery process, strengthening whilst not pushing to hard. I came across Nicky on Instagram and from could see from her profile she was passionate and dedicated to training and didn’t give off that intimidating vibe I saw a lot of on social media. After giving her a call and discussing what I wanted to achieve and how I felt about my fitness at that time I knew she was the trainer for me and signed up to 30 sessions. After having a many different PTs and training in groups, I knew what to expect but Nicky’s approach was the best I’d received and her client care was outstanding. I explained I wasn’t always the quickest at picking things up and she was so patient and explained exactly what I was doing, what muscles I was working and how I could adapt the exercise to challenge myself or to ease it if my arm was sore. Before I knew it I was lifting again, heavier than before and had never felt so confident in a Gym. I was able to use her workouts alone but looked forward to every session where she pushed me to perform my best. If I was having a bad day she would adapt my workout and take it back to basics so my form and my movement was correct before moving on. I could not recommend Nicky enough, she is a fantastic trainer, motivating, encouraging and just a beautiful person. The day she told me she was leaving I was gutted but so pleased that she was moving to bigger things. I have not found anyone that I feel so comfortable with but still use the techniques and exercises she taught me. For anyone lacking confidence in the gym or who wants someone to push them, Nicky is the trainer for you.
  • I trust Nicky implicitly when it comes to seeking fitness advice. My time with Nicky in the gym has really taught me how to listen to my body and try new things I was previously afraid of. Booking a session with Nicky is enjoyable and challenging, a combination that's hard to come by!